My Two Weeks with LyveHome


These days, it seems as though the last feature described by companies about their smartphones is the phone part.  The main feature discussed? The camera. Megapixels, zoom, editing features, burst shots, etc., etc., etc.. So now that you have a good camera that is always with you, what happens to all of the photos you take? Do they mostly live on your device with a few shared through social media?  The new issue isn’t how you are taking photos, it’s how you are using your photos.


The LyveHome seeks to resolve this issue.  The easiest way to describe the LyveHome is it is the result of a torrid love affair between an external hard drive and a digital photo frame. The device features a 5” screen with 2 TB of storage and is slightly bigger than a can of soda.  It fits well with the other technology on my desk without overpowering the space.  Setup is simple: plug in LyveHome, connect to WiFi and you are ready to go. You can plug in a a SD card or USB device directly into the LyveHome to transfer photos and videos.  It doesn’t want your Excel spreadsheets or your word documents. No, this is strictly a memory box, not a file cabinet for work items.


The real magic of LyveHome is not the physical device but the software itself.  You can install the app on your phone (iOS and Android for now, no word on Windows Phone yet), tablet (same OS as above) or computer (Mac and Windows).  Once installed, photos and videos can automatically be backed up from the devices to the LyveHome.  My initial backup of roughly 2,200 photos and 50 videos from my Galaxy S5 to the LyveHome took about 45 minutes through my home WiFi. There is an ethernet port which could speed up the process.  Now when I take a photo with my phone, it is automagically backed up on the LyveHome. (You can change the settings to do this immediately through cell data or to wait for your phone to connect to WiFi.) And it isn’t only a thumbnail of the photo, it’s the full sized file.  

Yes, it really is that easy to set up.


The genius of the LyveHome software is that you ALWAYS have all of your photos with you. Looking for pictures from Little Timmy’s birthday party? Check.  Want to share photos from your recent vacation? Check. No matter if it is on your tablet, laptop or phone, you can access your photos on the go.  All of the photos are compressed on your device so they take up a fraction of the space.  When you want to share it through any of the devices options, the full file is available. 


  • Always have all of your photos with you
  • Easy set up, simple controls
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Can only sort photos by date taken (Update could add theme and event tags)
  • Windows Phone OS not compatible
  • It would be nice to share albums or groups of photos instead of opening up full account to friends


Overall, $299 is fair price for a sturdy, easy to use device that consolidates your photos and provides easy access on the go especially when you consider what it would cost in monthly fees to host 2 TB in the cloud.  Future software updates should only add value to the LyveHome. Grade: A- (Could change with upgrades) Must buy for the mobile photographer, social media picture sharer.


Check out My Live site for more information and to purchase.









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